Sunday, July 30, 2006

shattered dream...

i'm in a car, dad's driving and there are a few other ppl (dunno who - i dun recognise any of them) in the car with me. then suddenly it's not a car anymore, but a van (dun ask me how - these things are always happening in dreams) and i'm standing up to announce to everyone that tomorrow i'll be flying off to japan to continue my studies. i'm so happy!

the setting change again, and i'm in a hall kinda thing, walking around saying farewell to everyone, people wishing me luck and all... a part of me feels elated, coz at last i'll be going to do my master's degree, in soka university! another part feels a slight panic at leaving home and going to a foreign land (but mostly is elated lar!)

then... i have to wake up! darn! it felt so real! i was so disappointed, i wanted to cry! but instead, i went back to sleep, hoping my dream would continue. at least until i actually get there before i wake up again... *sigh*

Saturday, July 29, 2006

videos from perak trip

finally managed to upload these to youtube using the bro's broadband. some videos taken from one of our morning practice sessions during the perak peace charity culture festival 2006.

You Raise Me Up - one of our performance pieces. song arranged by our very own YW! *proud*

Medley from The Sound of Music - one of the songs we prepared for 'pre-performance' (strings only - dat's y can see those wind n brass players walking abt behind!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

time really does fly!

saw my high school teachers yesterday... and suddenly i realized, "omg, i've actually left school for nearly 10 years!!!" gosh...

was walking back from my RM4-in-the-wallet lunch yesterday when i saw a bunch of school kids. their uniforms suggested them to be in the 6th form, but what caught my eye was their school tie. no mhs (m'ca high school) student will ever forget that striped purple-green tie! but what are mhs students doing in klcc? a school trip? then i spotted ms. sheow, my maths teacher! i waved like mad and excitedly went over to chat. and then i saw ms. shirley chua, my econs teacher, who grinned like she won the lottery at the sight of me. hehe...

gosh, how they have aged! streaks of grey hair n aunty looking... has it really been THAT long? when i looked that the gals in school uniforms standing around looking at us, i felt as if it was only yesterday i was wearing those uniforms, rushing to quads (mhs got more style one. instead of the oh-so-common term 'assembly', we call our daily morning bloc assemblies as 'quad', short for 'quadrangle' – a square or rectangular courtyard enclosed by building), hoping the discipline teachers won't notice my slightly loose tie, yakking the day away with my desk-mate instead of revising for the dreaded stpm, skipping house practice to run over to mahkota parade, gathering at the mee-hoon-kueh stall opposite after school... has it REALLY been that long?

then i realized... in the eyes of those school gals, i must look real old. i mean, if i were in their shoes, at age 18-19, i'd look at someone my age as old! not as in ah mah old lar... but more like the age u thought u’d take forever to reach. Oh yes, it HAS been that long... *sigh*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

too kind or too stupid?

yesterday ~ 11.30am

*phone rings*
me: hello?
j: r u working today?
me: uhm, yes. y?
j: help! i'm in klcc now. i came to do some shopping, but when i got here, i realized i forgot to bring my wallet! now i don't have one sen on me. i can't even go home coz i don't have money to pay for the parking!
me: har? then u want me to lend u money?
j: can or not? u're the only friend i know around here.
me: can ar... hold on, i'll come down now.


*thru sms*
me: me very charm ler. wallet empty now. x-clg came klcc to shop but forgot bring wallet. i had 2xRM50 n 1xRM5 in wallet. gave her RM100, left RM5 for lunch. now RM0!
N: har? then u got money? dinner how?
me: balik makan maggi lor. i din bring atm card today.
N: meet me at masjid jamek station. we go back together n have dinner together. i still owe u RM10.

today ~ 1.15pm

*thru sms*
me: argh! i forgot to bring atm card again! only have RM4 (leftover from ur RM10 yesterday) in wallet... guess what i'm eating now?
N: ?

can anyone guess what i ate for lunch (in klcc) with only RM4 in the wallet?

Monday, July 24, 2006

back online!

the meebo bug is still undetected by the meebo support... *sigh*

but i've found another way to stay connected to all my IM friends! hehe... it's called gaim!
*proud of myself* compared to meebo, it has more emoticons and can incorporate all the message windows into one, with tabs for each conversation. coolness... so far, the only complain i have is that u can't set ur display status other than busy/away (means will have the busy/away icon). or maybe i have not explored the functions enough? but aiya, who am i to complain, rite? get to use enought oredi lar...

so happy to be back! :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

oi, answer leh!!!

so sad... no one answered my question... :'(

i asked:
if you were sweating in such a train, what would u think if u see a gal whip out a hand-held battery operated mini fan to fan herself?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

more rants!

1) can't seem able to login to meebo anymore! argh!!! dun think it's banned by the company server police, more of a bug i think. but other than me, there seemed to be only one other person with the same problem... so maybe the ppl at meebo won't bother to check on it? *sigh... my only form of entertainment (other than reading other ppl's blog) in the office gone!
* note to those in my IM list: sorry, can't chat with u ppl during office hrs anymore... *sob*sob*

2) hate commuting! all those ppl! urgh!! especially hate it when i'm late for work n rushing like mad, n there will be someone walking right in front blocking the way, taking their own sweet time. oi, makan angin ar?? n i think i'm slightly claustrophobic, esp when there's no place to sit in the train n i had to stand sandwiched between ppl. always leave me short of breath and nauseous. and it's no help when the trains have such poor ventilation system and sometimes even NO AIRCOND!!! gosh...
ok, question: if you were sweating in such a train, what would u think if u see a gal whip out a hand-held battery operated mini fan to fan herself?
i have one in my bag, but always shy to take it out, even when the air was so stiffling i feel i was gonna faint any second. i asked N the above question n she answered: "cheh, show off! really SO hot meh???" hmm... so what do the rest of u think?

3) i have the ruddest colleagues in the whole wide world... who don't look at u when u're talking to them. sheesh! macam lar i like talking to u! ur work is not gonna go *poof* if u stop starting at the screen for a second lar... ur mother never teach u manners issit? didn't u learn anything at all those corporate trainings, 7 behaviours dunno what shit, intercommunications skills, etc the company spent so much to send u? i'm so tempted to use cuss words here, but i'm NOT gonna lower myself to that level bcoz of such ppl! *flicks hair* hmp!

Monday, July 17, 2006

foul mood...

*warning: long rant ahead dunno y, been feeling easily irritable of late... even the slightest things seemed able to set off my nerves. some teeth-gnashing peeves:

1) the miscommunication between N and i. been happening quite often lately... i'd think we agreed to meet at a certain location at a certain time, but she'd think we'd agreed that i'd give her a call to 'trigger' her to leave her house/office (or something to that effect), resulting in lots of time wasted in unnecessary waiting

2) mr. c who sits in front of me during orchestra practice. he's always playing wrongly, out of rhythm. but just because i'm the new cellist, the conductor will always be looking at me when he/she corrected us. hey, i was a percussionist before, ok? i know my rhythm, ok?

3) a certain person who found me in friendster, who's taken to e-mailing me EVERYDAY with accounts of his business, his family, his WHOLE damn life (past, present and future, mind u!) in minute detail. oi, i'm not interested in your msn conversations with your friends lar! isn't my silence obvious enough? tak faham-faham ker???

4) a certain orchestra member who thinks i'm free to chat (or interested in chatting with him) everytime he sees me online. urgh! oi, i'm not interested in knowing what time u ate ur dinner, what time u went to work, what time u brushed ur teeth etc lar! isn't my silence obvious enough? tak faham-faham ker???

5) the stoooopid company server. so damn slow!!! urgh!

6) the parents! the mother called the other day to ask if i wanna join them on their annual trip (it's kunming, china this year). so i told her i might be going on a backpacking trip with N to either vietnam or cambodia. that very night, dad called and FORBADE me to:
i) go backpacking
ii) go to vietnam.
millions of ppl are backpacking nowadays, ok? and i'm not a kid anymore, ok?

7) ppl who thinks i owe it to them to be their driver, just because i have a car and they don't. hey, you're the one who wanna tumpang me, so YOU should be following MY schedule and NOT try to get me to suit your time, ok? and if i say i'll be running late and can't go all the way to your doorstep to fetch you, don't shout out 'HAR?' so loudly when i suggest that u find a way to come somewhere nearer my place. and stop saying that my house is oh-so-near your house, ok? coz it's not. it's not 'on they way' at all. i had to make a 1/2 hour detour just to fetch your to/from your doorstep. we're not even in the same postcode, for crying out loud!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

long-overdue post

finally managed to get all the pics from the perak performance...

day 0: ipoh here we come!
fooling around with a kind of 'kiddie' candy R bought for us from japan.

Day 1: stand-by at the canopy outside the stadium prior to performance.
with YW, R and J. hmm... my face is of a different colour with the rest of my body ler... :(

day 2: tuning n warming up.
with YW in front of the PCCF backdrop.

day 2: aerial view
can anyone spot me??? *note to self: next time must remember to sit in the inner desk, so as not to risk 'spilling' out of pics such as these*

day 3: morning practice session.
loved the morning practice sessions when we were there... very nice feeling!

ah... that's me! like so pro hor? heheh...

day 3: final day!
group photo before setting off for our final battle!

a pic with PK for remembrance! (this pic has since been known as the 'fei-poh xiong' - fat gals pic!)

was sitting around, feeling so bored during stand-by, when someone asked to take a pic of me! (gosh, look at all those lemak!)

sorry hor, even tho we were seated, that doesn't mean we can begin our performance straight away hor! more waiting... so i whipped out my camera to take this!