Tuesday, July 04, 2006

long-overdue post

finally managed to get all the pics from the perak performance...

day 0: ipoh here we come!
fooling around with a kind of 'kiddie' candy R bought for us from japan.

Day 1: stand-by at the canopy outside the stadium prior to performance.
with YW, R and J. hmm... my face is of a different colour with the rest of my body ler... :(

day 2: tuning n warming up.
with YW in front of the PCCF backdrop.

day 2: aerial view
can anyone spot me??? *note to self: next time must remember to sit in the inner desk, so as not to risk 'spilling' out of pics such as these*

day 3: morning practice session.
loved the morning practice sessions when we were there... very nice feeling!

ah... that's me! like so pro hor? heheh...

day 3: final day!
group photo before setting off for our final battle!

a pic with PK for remembrance! (this pic has since been known as the 'fei-poh xiong' - fat gals pic!)

was sitting around, feeling so bored during stand-by, when someone asked to take a pic of me! (gosh, look at all those lemak!)

sorry hor, even tho we were seated, that doesn't mean we can begin our performance straight away hor! more waiting... so i whipped out my camera to take this!