Monday, July 17, 2006

foul mood...

*warning: long rant ahead dunno y, been feeling easily irritable of late... even the slightest things seemed able to set off my nerves. some teeth-gnashing peeves:

1) the miscommunication between N and i. been happening quite often lately... i'd think we agreed to meet at a certain location at a certain time, but she'd think we'd agreed that i'd give her a call to 'trigger' her to leave her house/office (or something to that effect), resulting in lots of time wasted in unnecessary waiting

2) mr. c who sits in front of me during orchestra practice. he's always playing wrongly, out of rhythm. but just because i'm the new cellist, the conductor will always be looking at me when he/she corrected us. hey, i was a percussionist before, ok? i know my rhythm, ok?

3) a certain person who found me in friendster, who's taken to e-mailing me EVERYDAY with accounts of his business, his family, his WHOLE damn life (past, present and future, mind u!) in minute detail. oi, i'm not interested in your msn conversations with your friends lar! isn't my silence obvious enough? tak faham-faham ker???

4) a certain orchestra member who thinks i'm free to chat (or interested in chatting with him) everytime he sees me online. urgh! oi, i'm not interested in knowing what time u ate ur dinner, what time u went to work, what time u brushed ur teeth etc lar! isn't my silence obvious enough? tak faham-faham ker???

5) the stoooopid company server. so damn slow!!! urgh!

6) the parents! the mother called the other day to ask if i wanna join them on their annual trip (it's kunming, china this year). so i told her i might be going on a backpacking trip with N to either vietnam or cambodia. that very night, dad called and FORBADE me to:
i) go backpacking
ii) go to vietnam.
millions of ppl are backpacking nowadays, ok? and i'm not a kid anymore, ok?

7) ppl who thinks i owe it to them to be their driver, just because i have a car and they don't. hey, you're the one who wanna tumpang me, so YOU should be following MY schedule and NOT try to get me to suit your time, ok? and if i say i'll be running late and can't go all the way to your doorstep to fetch you, don't shout out 'HAR?' so loudly when i suggest that u find a way to come somewhere nearer my place. and stop saying that my house is oh-so-near your house, ok? coz it's not. it's not 'on they way' at all. i had to make a 1/2 hour detour just to fetch your to/from your doorstep. we're not even in the same postcode, for crying out loud!