Tuesday, July 18, 2006

more rants!

1) can't seem able to login to meebo anymore! argh!!! dun think it's banned by the company server police, more of a bug i think. but other than me, there seemed to be only one other person with the same problem... so maybe the ppl at meebo won't bother to check on it? *sigh... my only form of entertainment (other than reading other ppl's blog) in the office gone!
* note to those in my IM list: sorry, can't chat with u ppl during office hrs anymore... *sob*sob*

2) hate commuting! all those ppl! urgh!! especially hate it when i'm late for work n rushing like mad, n there will be someone walking right in front blocking the way, taking their own sweet time. oi, makan angin ar?? n i think i'm slightly claustrophobic, esp when there's no place to sit in the train n i had to stand sandwiched between ppl. always leave me short of breath and nauseous. and it's no help when the trains have such poor ventilation system and sometimes even NO AIRCOND!!! gosh...
ok, question: if you were sweating in such a train, what would u think if u see a gal whip out a hand-held battery operated mini fan to fan herself?
i have one in my bag, but always shy to take it out, even when the air was so stiffling i feel i was gonna faint any second. i asked N the above question n she answered: "cheh, show off! really SO hot meh???" hmm... so what do the rest of u think?

3) i have the ruddest colleagues in the whole wide world... who don't look at u when u're talking to them. sheesh! macam lar i like talking to u! ur work is not gonna go *poof* if u stop starting at the screen for a second lar... ur mother never teach u manners issit? didn't u learn anything at all those corporate trainings, 7 behaviours dunno what shit, intercommunications skills, etc the company spent so much to send u? i'm so tempted to use cuss words here, but i'm NOT gonna lower myself to that level bcoz of such ppl! *flicks hair* hmp!