Tuesday, July 25, 2006

too kind or too stupid?

yesterday ~ 11.30am

*phone rings*
me: hello?
j: r u working today?
me: uhm, yes. y?
j: help! i'm in klcc now. i came to do some shopping, but when i got here, i realized i forgot to bring my wallet! now i don't have one sen on me. i can't even go home coz i don't have money to pay for the parking!
me: har? then u want me to lend u money?
j: can or not? u're the only friend i know around here.
me: can ar... hold on, i'll come down now.


*thru sms*
me: me very charm ler. wallet empty now. x-clg came klcc to shop but forgot bring wallet. i had 2xRM50 n 1xRM5 in wallet. gave her RM100, left RM5 for lunch. now RM0!
N: har? then u got money? dinner how?
me: balik makan maggi lor. i din bring atm card today.
N: meet me at masjid jamek station. we go back together n have dinner together. i still owe u RM10.

today ~ 1.15pm

*thru sms*
me: argh! i forgot to bring atm card again! only have RM4 (leftover from ur RM10 yesterday) in wallet... guess what i'm eating now?
N: ?

can anyone guess what i ate for lunch (in klcc) with only RM4 in the wallet?