Tuesday, April 26, 2005

going into 2nd week

well, life is pretty ok at the new office. still lots to learn!

ok, what have i learnt in this 1 week plus?
1) there are more cars on the road at 7am than at 9.30am.
2) commuters at lrt stations are quite well-disciplined, standing to the left of the escalators if they want to just ride it ‘standing’, making way for those who continue to climb the stairs (even tho’ it’s an escalator).
3) you can’t get to the very top floor of the twin towers without getting queried by the guards there.
4) KLCC stands for Kuala Lumpur City Centre and it means the whole area of the city centre. but almost everyone thinks it’s just referring to the twin towers.

but hey, what about my job? what have i learnt? heaps n loads of stuff! been reading lots of folders n stuff… information overload!!! i gotta admit that it’s all kinda daunting. but i know it’s a long learning process, so i’ll just gotta take it all in my stride. everything here is still very new to me. hopefully i’ll be able to adapt quickly to my new family and learn as much as possible in the shortest time.

neeways, the working environment is really good, with nice clgs. it’s like a total 180 deg from astro n atm, where it’s practically steeping in office politics. here, i think our only worry is performing in our given tasks. we don’t have to worry abt who will be the next person to stab us in the back or going to the office everyday in a bulletproof jacket. a really refreshing change!

but one thing i find a big waste is that i don’t have the opportunity to actually work n learn under the current corp. comm. gal. even tho’ i have 3 weeks with her, it’s different. now she’s just passing everything to me, and it’s very difficult to absorb everything in such a short period. she’s really experienced in this field and i think she’ll really make a good mentor. there’s so much i can learn from her! hmm… just too bad lar. luckily she won’t be going too far off. at least we’ll still be in the same building. but at that time, she’ll only be extending her help as a favour, and not out of obligations as my senior.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

survived my first week

*phew! that was exhausting! but so far so good lar, tho quite tension...

anyway, my senior heard that i blog, so she's been pestering me to give her the url... hmm... still thinking if i should give.

so tired, no mood to blog now. will blog more abt my new company later lar.

Monday, April 18, 2005

first day at work

gosh, i'm so tired!!! woke up at 6am this morning, left house at 7am and reached klcc at 8am, without a minute to spare! n the walking! took me a full 10 minutes to walk from my house to the lrt station! *urgh... have not been walking so far for so long! i think the greatest challenge was to walk as brisk as possible without breaking sweat! was a little blur abt the directions at the lrt stations today, coz so long didn't take lrt oredi. hmm... i've been so spoilt! and my working bag was killing me! shoulders felt so stiff! the first thing i did when i got home was to dump out my water bottle and organizer.

neeways, had to sit at an empty cubicle today, coz the corporate com gal will only be leaving in 3 weeks, and i'll be taking over her place only after she's gone. quite a boring day... but kinda tension too! so many things i don't know, so many things to learn, so blur! the worst part is, i don't even know what i don't know! gosh... this is going to be a long learning process...

oh yeah, i learnt that we marketeers get to have our parkings paid for by the company! hmm... now thinking abt driving to work... then dun have to lug my bag like that n walk so far! but of course, there's the jam n it will be something horrible. still considering... will ask around my new clgs abt the jam situation.

hmm... what else? oh yeah, my lunch hour is at 1pm! this morning, i ate breakfast at home b4 i leave my house... so u can imagine how long i've to wait for lunch! i was practically starving!!! better stand-by some biscuits in my bag for mid-morning snack.

but oh, they dun have a microwave in the pantry! we ta-bao from klcc's foodcourt back to the office. a little rice with some vege n curry... for RM4.8! gosh... and i was so hungry, it didn't even fill me up properly! *sigh...

k lar... can't keep my eyes open any longer... gonna retire early tonight (VERY early for my standard!). hopefully the tension will subside as the week progresses...

Sunday, April 17, 2005


having butterflies in the stomach now abt new job tomorrow... gosh, n it's only 3.30pm! how to stand until tomorrow? hopefully will have a good night's sleep tonight.

too worked up to blog/think abt anything now... will clean room later, then try to do a bit of work, iron clothes and then it's to bed i go! hopefully i can wake up tomorrow at 6am!

neeways, took photos with most of my ex-clgs on fri... was thinking of posting it but there're so many... will take too long. this is one of those days when i wish i have broadband!

still nervous! *shudder*

Thursday, April 14, 2005

4 down, 1 to go!

looking forward to my last day in my current company! so happy, tho' with some trepidation abt my first day at the new job...

and i've found a way to bypass my company server, so now i'm able to log on to msn! kekeke... but still can't use yahoo messenger tho'. dunno y... but it's better than nothing lar... too bad i didn't find it earlier.

hmm... guess i'll have more things to blog abt next week, after i've started at the new place. so keep watching this space!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

another week to go!

*phew! this has been a really long week... settling all my job in hand. now, other than those last minute jobs that need maybe some 2-3 hrs to settle (if any), i'm FREE!!! these past few days in the office has been pretty idle... just surf net, e-mail, sit around waiting for work to do, read e-texts and doing other stuff to kill time... hmm... never thought idling can be so tiring! hahaha...

well, i expect to be working (n learning) like hell when i get to the new place, so better make full use of my idle time now! kinda getting the jitters abt first day at work (or first week or first month at work for that matter!). most ppl will be paying attention to what that new gal is doing, so better not do too much surfing or stuff like that. but i wonder if they'll allow messengers? kekeke...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"plum blossom fate"?

hmm... i think i've 'squashed' another fella. *sigh...

feeling kinda sad now. not bcoz i liked him or anything, but bcoz such things have to happen... on my part, i swear i didn't do anything to encourage him! hope i was not too mean... gosh, feel like a b#$@& now!

during cny this year, my aunt was winking n telling me that those born in the year of the horse will experience 'tao-hua yun' (plum blossom fate) this year. as usual, i just laughed and humoured her a little... but after this incident, aunt's words suddenly popped into my mind. gosh, how many more 'mishaps'?? *shudder*

Sunday, April 03, 2005

i really need to control...

gosh... went on another shopping spree today, with the excuse of getting clothes for my new job... i know i dun really need more clothes, my current ones would do just fine, but kenot resist lar... really kenot tahan myself.

anyway, i'm done with working on sat! *hooray* worked my last working sat today, and an extended one at that, coz we had iso training. actually i dun have to attend the training, but i reckon it'll be beneficial for my cv... so just go lor. got participation cert mar... hehehe... but the speaker was real boring. was really struggling to keep eyes open, esp after lunch!

oh yeah, 1st of april 2003 was the date i joined my current company! hehehe... so far, this is the record. in my previous company, it was only 1 year 8 months... and my first company, well, only 1 month! hopefully the next one will be longer lar.

well, these 2 years here... erm... no comments abt the company lar (by saying that alone, i'm actually commenting a lot, rite? hahahaha...) but gonna really really miss my clgs lar. we were a happy n crazy lot, and most important of all, we were always sticking up for each other, which is something u seldom find in this dog-eat-dog world. we were like a family! so sad to be leaving them... as i get nearer to leaving, i tend to reminisce more abt the happy times we spent together last time... when everyone from the old group was still here. now most are gone oredi tho we still keep in touch and meet up occasionally for makan. but i think after this, i won't be able to join in any of their after work makan oredi. *sigh...