Tuesday, June 27, 2006


this morning, right after i came in n switched on my pc, my ceo walked over n passed me this book:

Fish!: A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

hmm... is it that obvious that my morale in the office is way down there at the basement? or maybe my performance is so very poor that i need to 'improve results'?


updated: turned out, i was just being paranoid... hehehe... when i finished reading it, i went to return it to my ceo, but he said he don't want it anymore and asked me to pass it along to other clgs. he found it while clearing out his cupboard and just thot it'll be useful for us. apa lar!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

of pink pigs...

from lotsachi's comment, i realized that my tastes have changed. i suddenly find myself liking pink cartoon pigs, especially that pooh's tiny friend, piglet! and pink wasn't even my fav colour before!

hmm... when did it started? i also dunno lar...

wy: aiyer... wear until so elegant, but got a zhu zhai (little pig) on the ear! hou sam nei loh (have mercy), take it off and lend to the little girl lar *points at little J sitting beside me*
me: i like ar... it's precisely becoz i'm wearing so elegantly that i wanna wear this piglet earing! like this only tak yee (cute) mar...


my fav pair of earings... bought it from hk disneyland. one side is a piglet, the other side a butterfly! special rite? and a lot of ppl (mostly piglet's fan) have asked me where i got them... hehe...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


taking an extended break from blogging... m still getting the pics from my perak trip from the rest of the members. it's useless bringing ur own camera, coz u'll only be taking pics of other ppl. of course, u can keep passing ur camera to other ppl n asking ppl to take for u... but i was very lazy to do that...

oh, will be blogging abt N's sister's garden wedding soon... still recuperating! getting old...

n, i'm down with a horrible sore throat! lost my voice (totally!) for a whole 3 days! can u imagine how torture it is not able to talk? feel like exploding! now better, but even tho' voice coming back, i still sound like a toad... *sigh...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

updates to previous post...

things i was SO tempted to buy (and nearly did!):

1) a huge gigantic elmo soft toy. an authentic sesame street brand for only SGD29.90!! where in m'sia can u find such a good deal??? but was dragged away by N, coz i'm "too old to be pinning for a sesame street soft toy" and "it's a waste of money. SGD29.90 can be used to buy more clothes". *shucks*

2) a pair of supper cute fluffy piglet bedroom slippers, at SGD19.90. again, was dragged away by N, coz i "oredi have so many!" and "wasting money only!". *sigh*

1st weekend in the bag...


had the craziest shopping trip ever! can anyone believe that i actually shopped for 13 hours straight??? crazy or what?

10.00 am: arrived at somerset station. walk-walked around heeren, but most of the shops were not open yet.
10.30 am: stepped into takashimaya. and so, it all began...
12.00 pm: received sms from N saying she'll be coming in (from her sis's place in JB) to join me. Continued shopping.
2.00 pm: already laden with shopping bags, met N in front of kinokuniya.

me: hi, what time did u.....
N: quick! need to save time! so much to do, so little time!
me: ???

2.30 pm: after gulping down my moss burger, barely tasting it, continued shopping.
4.00 pm: arrived at isetan, wisma atria.

N: OMG, look at the dragon-long que!
me: ya lor. so u still wanna try?
N: don't care lar. i'll just try it out here. luckily i wore such a small n thin spaghetty strap today! (proceeds to remove her jacket)
me: ???

5.00 pm: just coming out from the stationery department of isetan.

N: oooo... that's Din Tai Fung! their xiu long pao is simply out of this world!
me: (only half interested) really?
N: yeah yeah! let's go have some, my treat!
me: but it's nearly dinner time...
N: we'll just try one 'long' (basket) of xiu long pao. only 5 pieces mar, n they're really small. (dragging me into the shop)
me: ???

6.00 pm: in heeren.

me: ei, how come so few shops only?
N: used to have a lot wan meh?
me: yeah. last time, they have lots n lots of shops selling all the cute-cute stuff. now only a few nia... sien lor...
N: nvm, still have a few. let's go check it out!

7.00 pm: back in taka.
8.30 pm: received phone call from cousin.

cousin: hey, u dun wanna come back ar?
me: erm, not yet. just finished dinner. where r u?
cousin: we're at the esplanade. hey, marina square having midnight sale. u wanna come over?
me: oh? ok! i'll call u when i get there.

9.30 pm: still in taka

N: OMG! look at the time! gotta go. i need to meet my BIL at 10! u still have anything u wanna see/buy?
me: nope, let's go.

9.45 pm: parted with N at orchard station.
10.15 pm: met up with cousin at marina square, after walking against the throng of ppl heading for city hall station. continued shopping despite the torture on arms (from carrying all those shopping bags) and legs (from walking too much).

cousin: aiyo, so many things! dun forget u'r going back by bus to kl tmr hor. and just hope u dun get taxed at the customs!
me: hehe...

*the customs officers din even glance at me!

11.15 pm: left marina square.

hmm... but actually, didn't really buy a lot of stuff lar...

some shirts for performance from taka...

amy tan's latest book (i read ALL her books) from kinokuniya, ngee ann city...

some tops for work (i know it's not exactly office wear, but heck cares!) from marina square & ngee ann city...

some magnetic bookmark clips for YW, Spring, K and R from taka...

a mickey T (one of my fav brands!) from isetan... (M-Industry in bugis junction selling this same T at different price, sgd3.95 more!)

mickey T - back view...

a very cute piglet mug from heeren! i must say this is my most 'satisfied' purchase from SG this time round! tho' a tad expensive, but it had me grinning from ear to ear the moment i laid eyes on it. i HAD to have it! :Þ

piglet mug - back view...

a pair of pink walking slippers from heeren. how come converse in m'sia dun sell slippers ar???

a very cute suction mug cover from taka!

see? it even matches my new piglet mug! kekeke...

a little bee pencil for N (an ardent pencil collector) from bugis junction...

a dragonfly pendant from taka (mom said she'll pay for this, as my birthday prezzie! hehe...)

see? like that considered a lot meh? :Þ

Thursday, June 01, 2006

weekends fully booked!

1st weekend:
shopping trip to singapore! yippee!!! bless company for being so generous in giving replacement holidays... and bless the agong for having a holiday-birthday! bless m'sia for having agongs! :Þ

2nd weekend:
Perak Charity Cultural Festival in ipoh, a 3-day event. abt 40 of us going, so it's gonna be a crazy n fun-filled trip! took friday n monday off, friday coz it's a performance day, and monday coz we'll be traveling back to kl at midnight after sunday's performance, and as we predict it to be quite a tiring trip, i expect myself to be too beat out to start work on monday. oh, n planning a surprise bday celebration for cc there, which falls on sat.

3rd weekend:
1) company (kl office) bowling tournament. hopefully will have nice prizes and doorgift!
2) N's sister's wedding. being so close to N and always popping over to her house for 'free meals', i can't possibly escape from being enlisted as part of the 'working committe', can i? in fact, at the beginning of this year, when N told her mom that i may not attend the wedding/dinner coz i would need to go for the perak performance (we weren't sure of the performance date yet at that time), she was so disappointed. she even told N to ask me not to go to ipoh! apparently, i'm being entrusted with the 'heavier' tasks, with powers to 'make decisions' when all the family members are too tied-down with other things.

4th weekend:
balik kampung! bro's gonna sign over his old car to me, so gonna take monday off (coz need to sign in front of the officer, hence on a working day). hopefully my manager will approve my leave application, after the 2 days i took for the perak trip. even this 2 days leave, he took so long to approve! *crosses fingers*

1st weekend (july):
pot-luck gathering with ex-clgs. i'm bringing a secret recipe cake (since i can't cook).