Wednesday, May 28, 2008

most creative greeting...

haha... this greeting is by far the most creative one i've received so far, from seb:

(sms start)
i don't know which 'n' years ago in jurassic park time, a small cute dinosaur was born on today. i think mayb u la. although i guess u won't admit u r dinosaur, but i'll keep wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY & wish ur dream come true + have a successful & happy year. smile :-)
(sms end)

cute right? had me laughing!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mount kinabalu challenge!

guess what?! i signed up for my company's social club's mount kinabalu expedition in oct! sei mou?

even though we're paying for the trip ourselves, the organiser still wants to make sure each of us will be able to reach the top. so every week, we're to attend a training to build up our fitness level and not bring shame to the company. keke... so far, there has been 3 trainings at the batu caves, but due to one reason or another, i was not able to join them until the 3rd training.

well, basically, we're just to climb up and down the stairs at batu caves and keep adding more rounds each week. and i'd say i did pretty well for my 1st training. with 1 up and 1 down trip considered as 1 round, i managed to do 2 rounds! this is not bad at all, u know! other than the organiser, the rest of the gals only did 1 round for their 1st training (the organiser gal did 5 rounds - crazy hor?). i'll try to increase my rounds to 3 this coming weekend... hopefully lar, coz my leg muscles still hurts like hell now!

other than climbing up and down the batu caves, we'll also be going for trekking trips around kl. should be quite fun, and at the same time, it'll be a good chance for me to work out some!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

where did that come from???

it's amazing how our mind works! i've been discovering how my mind can compose it's own words and gibberish when i'm half asleep at my desk, esp lately, after starting working regular hours again. my current job requires me to wake up very early, so by the end of the day, i'll be a walking zombie! normally i'll be in a state of stupor by 11pm... and if i still have work to do, that's when all those funny compositions and whatnots will appear! when i look back at my work the next morning, a big question mark will form in my head, "har?! where did that come from???"

and yesterday was the funniest instance! i had just managed to struggle thru till the end, hoping to finish off the last bit and e-mail it out before i call it a night. by then i was so dazed that i had to keep stamping my feet and shaking my head to keep myself from dozing off in my chair... then when i was about the shut down the laptop, i thot to myself, "eh? did i e-mail it out ar?" so i opened up my outlook again to check. in my outbox, guess what i saw???

i dunno y or how, or mayb i was already in dreamland, but i actually e-mailed out my work to mon, with the subject title:
"u never study hor? better sit there, at my new place..."

BIG question mark, right?! i immediately went and called mon over to look! needless to say, i was wide awake instantly and rolling about in laughter!

over-controlling partners...

seems like this is the latest 'in' thing among partners? just yesterday, a friend told me of her daughter crying abt her over-controlling bf... and then this morning, the topic for mix FM's 'he says she says' is also on over-controlling partners! and all these right after my own show down with the over-possessive bf! pure coincidence or is this the prevailing trend among partners nowadays? hmm... points to ponder, huh?

neeways, met up with the x no. 2 yesterday to discuss on some stuff... he's looking more composed and calm. we even had a nice chat on general stuff. maybe it's really possible to remain as friends after all these...

Monday, May 05, 2008

show down...

u said u'll wait till after his exam before breaking the news to him, but u acted too rash... yeah, he forced u to blurt it all out, but actually u could have swallowed it down and bear it for another month. u are not a good actress after all...

u wanted a peaceful and calm break up, but u still speak all those unkind words to him. it was unnecessary... but u just had to open ur mouth n speak ur mind. y hurt him further by telling him all those things? u needn't be so truthful...

u cried hard when he requested for one last hug from u. yes, it's difficult. and it may be the last hug u'll get from a guy who really and truly loved u with all his might. u even contemplated taking it all back n keeping his love forever. but u urself know that is a very selfish act. and would u be able to live that way? to be loved and not love? i dun think so...

u know u must live with the consequences. of course u'll miss his love and care and all the things he's willing to do and sacrifice for u. but since u've decided to take this course, u'll just have to live with it and make the best of it.

these past few days has been an emotionally charged one, but i know u'll live. u've been thru worse... and u still have ur family and friends whom u can count on. so for now, just take some time and let things settle down for a bit. go back to your prime point of faith and dun forget to include a little prayer for him too. u've hurt him badly, it's the least u can for him now...