Sunday, July 30, 2006

shattered dream...

i'm in a car, dad's driving and there are a few other ppl (dunno who - i dun recognise any of them) in the car with me. then suddenly it's not a car anymore, but a van (dun ask me how - these things are always happening in dreams) and i'm standing up to announce to everyone that tomorrow i'll be flying off to japan to continue my studies. i'm so happy!

the setting change again, and i'm in a hall kinda thing, walking around saying farewell to everyone, people wishing me luck and all... a part of me feels elated, coz at last i'll be going to do my master's degree, in soka university! another part feels a slight panic at leaving home and going to a foreign land (but mostly is elated lar!)

then... i have to wake up! darn! it felt so real! i was so disappointed, i wanted to cry! but instead, i went back to sleep, hoping my dream would continue. at least until i actually get there before i wake up again... *sigh*