Saturday, April 28, 2007

i'm a tatter!

last weekend, i went for our monthly bookcrossers meetup at 1U. and while there, auntyjo and i stole some of the time for a tatting lesson!

i was fascinated with auntyjo's tatted butterfly bookmark, so i asked her to teach me to do it... and she agreed, with just a slice of lemon cheese cake from secret recipe for fees! well, i wasn't sure she'd remember that she'd teach or that the lesson's gonna take place during the meetup, so i didn't show up with the cheese cake. but she remembered... and the sweet soul actually prepared a set of tatting tools for me, complete with a nice metal box to keep everything in!

here're the stuff auntyjo prepared for me:
1) a spool of thread (size 10)
2) 2 shuttles
3) a crochet needle
4) a metal box

so nice right? and NOW i know what those red and black thingy are for! i recall seeing it in my grandmother's needle work basket. will remember to go rummage through it when i go back home this weekend!

anyway, auntyjo taught me to do the basic double stitches, picot and ring (we only have so much time). then i went back and look through the internet for more info on tatting... found some instruction links in the yahoogroup... so now i've begun my first project!

here's a close up at my 'practice' tattings. just trying
out my hand at some random patterns i've read abt..

this will be my first project (photo taken from, which will be a gift for the bf. been bugging me for a 'handmade bookmark' ever since he saw those i made for biow years ago! hmp, so demanding! well, i guess i should make him one, since he let me drag him across the whole of kl looking for the right tatting thread!

edited (3.10am, 29/4/07):
progress report: i'm already halfway through it! back in m'ca with nothing to do, so took the chance to tat while watching tv! but din bring back the camera, so can't take pic of it. will post the finished result when i'm done!

oh, and when mom saw me tatting, she 'ordered' one from me to hang on her handphone! hmm... so what will my next pattern be?

Friday, April 27, 2007

coz i'm no couch potato mar!

sometimes, i think i'm the only person in the whole of m'sia without access to astro at home!

just the other day, i was upstairs at the corporate affairs unit when suddenly this designer turned to me and asked if i watch prison break... i was like, "erm... no..." then she proceed to tell me how much she liked it etc etc etc.

how come ppl just assume that everyone has astro at home? is it a by default thing? *sigh*

well, i've thot of subscribing to it actually, but then again, i dun watch that much tv as it is. so it would be such a big waste, no? just because everyone else has it??? i dun think so... and i already have an account back in hometown. we're still paying the (then) reduced staff price for the full package, even tho' i've left the company like aeons ago!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

weekend at the zoo

ok, i know i know, most of u will go like, "what?!? the zoo?!?" but i like going to the zoo n looking at the animals wat! *pout*

here's me stretching myself to feed bananas to the elephant.
*sigh* the things i do for them animals! :Þ

i think my fav part of the whole zoo is the children's world, coz get to pat the animals! hehe...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

got my backpack!

a karrimor lynx 40... mine's in raspberry red tho', not denim as shown here. coz the bf said the red suits me more wor...

i think 40L is just nice for gals and i especially like the longish design, as compared to a broad design like most other backpacks. also, according to some experts, karrimor is a good brand and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. but the best part is, i get to claim a whole big chunk of the price from the company, as my farewell gift! so basically, i'm only paying like RM80 for it. *grin*

when i told N, she said, "wah! the cheapest backpack in the world!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

random updates...

1) this was supposed to be my last week in this company, n next week i would have officially been jobless... then last week, my manager asked if i'd like to extend my contract for another 1.5 month! ok, it's just 1.5 month, but at least it'll give me slightly more time for my job-hunt. but shucks, i still need to follow through with some work, work which i thot i can escape doing! :Þ

2) N and i had set our hearts to sending in the application for Amazing Race Asia Season II! but after all the excited planning and talk, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that it's too rushed. other than the application forms, we'd need to submit some photos of us together and a 3 minute video showing y we're the perfect team for the race. the thing is, we only found out 1 week ago, so i dun think we can come up with a good video that'll stand out from all the thousands of applicants from all over asia in that short span of time. we'd need to come up with the video concept, a good script, the actual shooting and all the NGs... we din even know how to do video editing! *sigh* so maybe Amazing Race Asia III next year?

3) never believed so much love can exist in a person b4... let alone a guy!

4) gosh, getting so the gemuk!!! thinking of taking up yoga again... or maybe set an exercise regiment with the bf? jogging? swimming? hmm... but the thot of it is so lemah-fying!

5) surveying on backpack for siem reap trip in july... dunno y, those that i have my eyes on are so expensive! at least RM400 n above... gosh, more expensive than the trip itself!

6) been having a lot of financial headaches lately, things i dun usually stress my little head abt... *sigh* really gotta start saving...

7) sushi challenge day 2! sushi king's RM2/plate bonanza is back and as of today (2nd day of their 4 day promo), i've been for 3 meals oredi! hehe... see how many meals i can go for this time round b4 i get sick of sushi for a while...