Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i've been tagged!

Tagged by Emily!

1. Real name: can dun put real name here? ask me personally!
2. Nickname: stargal
3. Married: not anytime soon!
4. Male or Female: female, but not so ladylike one!
5. High school: malacca high school, melaka
6. College: ukm
7. Short or long hair: shoulder length
8. Are you a health freak: not really...
9. Height: 163cm
10. Do you have a crush on someone: all the time! haha...
11. Do you like yourself: who doesn't?
12. Piercings: yup, 1 on the right ear and 2 on the left
13. Righty or Lefty: righty
14. First surgery: none yet
15. First piercing(s): standard 3 or 4
16. First person you see in the morning: can chewie be considered 'person'? if not, then the guard lor...
17. First award: ermm...
18. First sport you joined: swimming, i think
19. First pet: the white mouse without a name
20. First vacation: i could be only months old! how to remember?
22. First crush: erm... most prob the quiet and studious guy at my primary school book shop, whom i think was doing part-time after his spm. i was most prob 12 at that time...

23. Eating: not eating
24. Drinking: 3-in-1 old town hazel nut white coffee
25. You are about to: start working on my claims

26. Want kids: yeah, ideally a boy and then a girl
27. Want to get married: which gal wouldn't?...
28. Careers in mind: SAHV (stay at home vegetating!)
29. Lips or eyes: definitely eyes!
30. Hugs or kisses: both?
31. Shorter or taller: taller
32. Romantic or spontaneous: romantically spontaneous can ar?
33. Sensitive or loud: knows when to be one or the other at the right situation
34. Trouble maker or hesitant: ditto

35. Kissed a stranger: eww!
36. Drank bubbles: yep
37. Lost glasses/contacts: nope
38. Ran away from home: so far nope... tho' have been tempted many times!
39. Liked someone younger: oh yes!
40. Liked someone older: oh yes!
41. Broken someone’s heart: i think so...
42. Been arrested: by whom?
43. Cried when someone died: depends on who died, right? if it's someone i know, then of course lar... i'm not a stone, ok?
44. Liked a friend: if i dun like him/her, then we wouldn't be friends, rite?

45. Yourself: of course
46. Miracles: of course
47. Heaven: heaven on earth!
48. Santa Claus: no
49. Angels: some form or other of angels lar... boddhisatvas of the earth!
ANSWER TRUTHFULLY (u mean i can be untruthful with the ones before???)
50. Is there one person you want to be with right now: yes...
51. Do you believe in God: no

I am now tagging: would love to tag san and mon, but they dun blog! and i dun know who my regulars are anymore! ok lar... i tag biow and leehuei!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my first sale!

woohoo! i finally sold something on etsy! hehee... so happy...

i had a tag done with my shop name and url... nice touch?

after searching for a suitable box, i then remembered that actually i know how to make boxes out of greeting cards... here i used a chinese new year card from my ex-housemate.

i fashioned my box based on the matchbox concept...

ta-dah! nice?

so excited to be making sales. but oh how i wish i have the time to make more stuff for my shop... *sigh*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

korean cravings...

*this is a repeat post that i did earlier for another blog that i'm a co-author to


oh, so excited! i just went for my lunch and guess what i found? a korean restaurant near my office! it's called Jen's Korean Cafe... the price is reasonable and the food is not bad too! but one thing is, they don't serve the side dishes...

i think for some, korean food is an acquired taste... and not everyone can take the taste. but for me, it was love at first taste! and i always judge a korean makan place based on their bibimbab. a bibimbab is basically a dish made up of rice, various types of vege, beef/chicken and fried egg. it's eaten by stirring in the gochujang (chili pepper paste). and it's simply yummy! if their bibimbab is good, then i'll say the restaurant is good! hahaha...

this is a dolsot bibimbab, meaning bibimbab in a claypot.

ok, back to my lunch... Jen's place is quite ok, considering it's not very pricey. but oh dear! would it be bibimbab everyday from now on??? hopefully i'll be able to control my cravings!

bibimbab photo from wikipedia

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

someone keep me away from craft shops, pls!

ok, so i was so impatient to start my x-stitch kokeshi that i decided not to take up on emily's offer to help me buy the x-stitch threads from a shop in pj old town (SinWah?) that's selling per skien 10 sen cheaper than the shop i surveyed in ampang park (Haby & Wools). she said she'll be going to SinWah(?) the next day, and won't mind getting all the things for me and then post them to me. i was thinking, "aiyo, have to wait for the post lagi!" hehehe... so i headed on to Haby's after work on sat and realized what a big mistake that was! *sigh* i just can't help myself! in the end, i spent abt RM150!!! and the woman still refused to give me discounts! ^@&^*&%$!

list of items bought:
1) 50 skeins of (different coloured) dmc threads
2) 1/2 meter of aida cloth
3) a pack of 6 x-stitch needles
4) 3 balls of nona yarn
5) a tulip crochet hook

6) a pair of clover tatting shuttles
7) a dmc metal tatting shuttle

3 shuttles??? and i dun even tat that much also! i'm so disgusted with myself! *urgh*

see, so pretty right? who can resist?? WHO, i ask u???

i've never seen a metal shuttle before. and this one
has a winch sort of thing in the middle! so i must have it!

and purchase no. 5 was also a fancy buy. i mean, i already have crochet hooks and i dun need one in this size at all. but i've always wanted a nice hook with handle! all these while i've only been using those cheap normal metal hooks, so i thought it'll be nice to have a nice hook for crochet. hehe... excuses, excuses, excuses! i know!

that night, i was so curious abt the metal shuttle that i decided to try it out, since i wanted to make a bookmark for my colleague (the girl i'm to replace at my new work place), to go along with the book i've gotten her. it was after i started tatting that i remembered the reason y i dun really like tatting... tatting threads are so fine that they'll cut when pulled too tight. and i've always liked my tatting to be tight, so it's quite a torture when closing rings. the last time i tatted, the thread even cut right thru my skin and left a gnash on my forefinger! and i'll always have broke fingernails when i tat, due to trying to close the rings too. all that came back to me when i tried out the metal shuttle... but actually it's quite nice to use lar. coz of the winch, we don't have to snap the thread out of the opening. the wound-up thread would just keep feeding out from the shuttle. in fact, unlike an ordinary shuttle, there isn't any opening for the thread to be pulled out at all!

anyway, i've abandoned my tatted bookmark project and decided to present instead my previously tatted bookmark. maybe next time when the mood returns, i'll tat another bookmark for myself. only god knows when that will be! hehe...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

look what i'm up to now!

been having a kokeshi fever these past few weeks... hehehe... so when i saw this cross-stitch pattern on etsy, i just have to buy it and make it up! never mind that i dun do/have never done any cross-stitching before in my entire life... but look, it's so cute right? so who can blame me? WHO???

but it's quite a big project for a newbie like me... 200 x 150 stitches! every single square crossed! not even a tiny bit of cloth showing! *faintz* so hopefully it'll be done in time for when i move into my new home end of 2009. or am i too ambitious?

p/s: hmm... dunno y the pic turned out so yucky. must be coz it's very low res. nvm lar...