Monday, November 27, 2006

season of indulgences...

kh: did u get ur bonus or something?
me: nope. i dun get any bonuses this year
kh: *incredulously* then??? what are these? *indicates to his arms laden with MY shopping*
me: hehe...
kh: what? therapy?
me: yeah! my erm... 'sanity-gaining therapy'!*grin*
kh: *rolls eyes*

poor kh... who made the mistake of suggesting that we 'walk around a bit' after our lunch. well, let's just say he wasn't amused.

Friday, November 24, 2006

message status...

Wednesday (22/11/2006)

craving for sushi!

Thursday (23/11/2006)

i want coffee bean...

Friday (24/11/2006)

nando's... *slurp*

bl: aiyo, u're worse than a pregnant lady!
me: :Þ


i can't access meebo again... and gaim too! so it's just google talk now...

on my own

it's funny... i've moved out of the parents house for like what? 8 years? and all these while, i've never been particularly home sick or anything like that. maybe it's because i go home fairly regularly and then there's always the phone. but once the parents are away and not reachable by phone, i'll start missing them!

and it's funny how when something is with you, u don't really use them on normal days. but once it's not with you, u suddenly find urself needing to use it SO badly! argh!

the parents have only been gone for less than a week on a holiday and already i have 101 things to ask/tell/update them! and i can't! coz there's no roaming coverage for their lines. *sheesh!

was making soup yesterday when i ABSOLUTELY need to ask mom something... and got so frustrated that i can't. so my soup would have to do without any advice...

fixed the doorbell a few nights back and wanted to tell dad and make him proud of me... but can't!

met an aunty (not really my own aunt, just one of mom's friends whom all we call 'aunty') the other day and am DYING to tell mom abt our conversation... but of course i can't.

was fixing the toilet cistern on sunday night when i need some advice from dad, but can't!

suddenly i wanna snap pictures of so many things, but can't, coz the camera's with dad.

wanted dad to check on some id numbers, but would have to wait until they come back.


i swear i'll appreciate them more from now on...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

blogger's block

have not been updating regularly lately, due to laziness. and also nothing much happening...

actually, there has been some moments when blog-worthy subjects would pop up in my head... but they're rather elusive. when i actually sit down to write a proper blog piece, the construction of words and ideas seemed so displaced that in the end, i just ditch the whole idea out of frustration.

hopefully my blogger's block clears itself up soon. or better still, hope something really interesting would happen soon! gosh, how boring and pathetic my life is! *sob*sob*

Friday, November 17, 2006

alex would never have dreamed...

N: she will go get it from you. but she doesn't know how you look...
me: then how?
N: faster take a pic of urself and mms it to me.

me: sorry can't answer ur call now. in meeting...
N: ok, so what time shall we meet later?

live conversation
N: next week? what day?
me: it's a thursday...
N: i think i have something on... wait, lemme check my phone calendar...

N: i saw a dress that's perfect for u!
me: really? for my friend's wedding dinner?
N: yeah... i can SO see u in it!
me: how does it look like? what colour?
N: wait, lemme send you an mms of it...

live conversation
N: i can't remember the tune... how did it go?
me: i think i have it in my phone... lemme play it for u.

me: i got a new haircut! n i dyed my hair!
N: what colour?
me: wait, i'll send u an mms...

live conversation
N: i swear this word exists!
me: no lar... it's a prefix, but it can't stand alone.
N: nvm, we'll just consult the phone dictionary.

ah, the wonders of technologies!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

not in and not out!

got back at about 7.30pm yesterday and decided to go to pasar malam. been so long since i last went to pasar malam... and craving for pickled mangoes! but shucks, i forgot to bring my car keys in my work bag, so terpaksa go up to the apartment to get it... after changing into more comfy clothes, i grabbed my wallet, handphone n car keys, stuffed them into my carry-on and just walked out, locking my room door and front wooden door behind me. and right immediately after slamming that wooden door shut, something went *duk* in my heart and with a short, sharp intake of breath, i froze momentarily. without even having to check, i realized.....

oh sh*t!! i forgot my house keys!!!

so i'm stuck in that tiny shoe rack space between the wooden door and the front gate, can neither go out nor back in. can there be anything worse than that??? apparently, there is...

frantic calls to my 2 housemates produced only voice mails... grrr... why aren't they picking up??? deaf or what?! i think i must've left 10+ missed calls on their phones! so now i'm stuck in/out of the house, with no clue of when help would come. i could be standing there all night! argh!!! what can be worse than this? but believe me, things CAN get worse! damn murphy's law!

my phone started giving low-batt warnings! omg!!! how long more can i keep calling? after a few more warnings, i decided to place a distress call to N and get her to help call my housemates. so after waiting for abt 15 minutes, N called back to say that housemates are on their way, and asked me to wait (like i'm going anywhere!).

with no extra batt life to chat away the waiting time with N, what else could i do? *sigh... so just stood there like orang bodoh, smilled shyly at my opposite neighbour when they came home, pretended to be sending sms-es, hoping passers-by would think i'm waiting for someone, and avoided eye contact with my adjacent neighbour when he came home, making as tho' standing there in between that 2 doors is the most normal thing to do.

at long last, after an hour plus 'ordeal', i was rescued... luckily my housemates were just having dinner nearby and didn't decide to go for midnight movies or something! but all is not over, as i still had to deal with my room door (house keys were in my room).......

Monday, November 06, 2006

simple pleasures...

1) waking up with full knowledge that breakfast is waiting for you in the kitchen downstairs, prepared for you by the people who love you, despite it being nearly noon when you woke up

2) having your tongue burned by a pot of boiling steamboat on a cold rainy day

3) watching k-drama the whole day, with an inexhaustible supply of mamee and cold ribena at your disposal

4) having your wish of eating o-chien (fried oyster) granted after showing only a pout, despite it being 'forbidden food' due to your being unwell

5) finding a much-longed for bag (in the very colour that you want!) in a 'small place' store, after looking for it for ages in the big city and being told repeatly it's been sold out

6) snuggling back into the covers on a rainy morning, knowing that you could get up at any time you choose, or not at all if you should so choose, due to the fact that it's a saturday

7) meeting up with an old old friend, and having a nice and comfortable chat abt everything and nothing at all

i'm going!

phantom mask

gosh, 139 days to go... how to wait???

thanks to
biow for making it possible! and instead of just helping us get the tix, she so thoughtfully took these for us as well! so touched neh... *muaks*