Sunday, September 17, 2006


1) i miss my poh-poh! watched 'the way home' again yesterday and cried buckets again. my granny was just like that! despite how ungrateful i was, how much i complained, how naughty i've been, my poh-poh would still be very patient with me and tried her best to please me. mom was always complaining that poh-poh spoiled me rotten, with me being the female grandchild after a series of males. and the very youngest grandchild of the lot! of course, i wasn't as spoilt and naughty as sang-woo in that movie, but i know sometimes i've hurt her. *sob*sob*

2) pissed with x. it's been months i've refused to see and talk to him, and YET he's still bugging me. what does he want???

3) looking forward to PD trip with a few gco friends this coming raya hols. as usual, i'm the kay-poh organiser... can't wait!

4) been really crazy at work. so many things that need to be taken care of! all urgent! pls do it now! eh, i only have 1 brain and 2 hands, ok? sometimes i really feel like smashing the monitor and cry loud-loud, in arms flailing and leg-stomping manner!

5) i find that i'm always observing ppl's fingers, especially guys'. dunno y... some guys have really sexy fingers! :Þ