Wednesday, September 20, 2006

happy birthday to you...

dear y,

just wanna wish u a very happy birthday. how are you? hope u are happy and life treats u good, whatever path u choose. pls remember that u'll always have a friend in me, no matter who or what u choose to be. sending good vibes to u, wherever u may be...

love always,


y was my good friend in sec school. we spent 6 years in the same class, starting from std 6, but i think we only got close in form 4, when we went to the same add math tuition class. y was considered the geeky one amongst our gang, coz she's always reading stuff and knows a lot of weird info.

we became really close in form 6, even tho' we went to separate classes. we would always be seen together during recess and after school. sometimes, one of us would purposely stay back in school when the other needs to stay back, just for company. of course, we would give excuses that we're staying back to study, but none of us would actually get any studying done, coz we would be chatting away!

after form 6, she went on to UM to pursue her dreams in law, while i went to another university in pursuit of my own future. we still kept in touch occasionally, and it was during our uni days that she revealed to me something about herself. well, to be honest, i wasn't very shocked to learn of her revelation, as i've kinda guessed it. we continued being good friends, chatting on the phone and meeting up to celebrate each other's birthday. this went on for a few years, even after we graduated.

then a couple of years back, she suddenly disappeared. no more phone calls nor sms-es. no one in our old gang has gotten any success in contacting her. it's as if she has vanished into thin air.

once, i met her in a shopping complex. i was so happy to see her but she seemed uncomfortable to have bumped into me. when i asked her about all those unanswered phone calls and sms-es, she said she's changed her number and will sms the new number to me. but she never did.

up until now, no one knows what has happened to her. maybe she wants to break all ties with her old life. maybe she doesn't want to involve us in whatever she's involved in now. maybe she doesn't want us to judge her for who she is. maybe..... all the endless maybes...

i'm writing this here not because she'll be reading it. i know the chances of her stumbling on this blog is practically nil. i'm writing this because i wanna put it down on record, that once upon a time, y came into my life.

and then she left.