Monday, September 11, 2006

phone gripe

me: i called my mom juz now n told her abt my new hairstyle...
n: then?
me: suddenly only, she starts complaining abt me not being serious in getting a life partner!
n: har???
me: yeah man, i was like 'huh?' tiba-tiba saja kena, u know!
n: wah... what she said?
me: she said she kept chanting and chanting for me, but still no results. apa lar, own prayers dun show results, blame me pulak! hehe...
n: aiya, my mom also same lar. always say i 'jor-teng' (take up space) at home. what kinda mother is that, i ask u??
me: haha... ya lor, what kinda moms we have ar?! kenot stand man!
n: hehe... eh, ask ur mom can chant for me as well ar?
me: ???