Tuesday, November 25, 2008

movie: 10 promises to my dog

actually, this is a movie i watched a few weeks back with M, N, and N's 2 little nieces. and gosh, how we cried like mad! in fact, the whole cinema was crying!

i think for anyone who loves dogs and who has ever had a dog in their life, or any pet for that matter, would totally understand and relate to this movie.

this is basically a simple enough movie, dealing with a girl's journey through life and her little companion by her side. actually, i think it's the other way round... a dog's journey through life with his/her owner (i just realized that we don't know if Socks is a male or a female!).

anyway, this really reminded me of my chewie, and made me miss her sssooooo SO much! and of all the promises to her that i broke... :'( i cried so hard in that cinema that i had a headache afterwards! and it's so hard watching sad movies in the cinemas coz we have to tahan ourselves so as not to cry too loud and disturb other ppl! haha... halfway through the movie, i wanted to stand up and shout to M and N, "haiya! next time don't watch this kinda movie in the cinema lar!!" :P

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