Friday, November 28, 2008

new project...

i guess everyone must be thinking i've stopped making any crafts, now that i'm so bz with my job. not true! actually i've done a few items, but just did not post them up. will do so one of these days lar...

anyway, here's my latest project... have just started lar, so can't show anything yet. it all came about when i saw jullie's blog on the cute bootie her friend made for her baby joel. it's just so cute! then i remembered that i was supposed to crochet a baby bootie for N's sister's baby ah bao... but now baby ah bao is already abt 4 months old, and baby booties is still... hehe... bayang pun belum nampak lar (not even the shadows of it)!

actually, it's not that i procrastinated lar. it's just that i can't seem to find a nice pattern to work on. so when i saw jullie's blog, i straight away asked her abt it and she directed me to sylver, who's selling her patterns on etsy. boy, this seller is really great. so many cute booties patterns to choose from!

and seeing that baby ah bao is a girl, while jullie's baby joel is a boy, i decided not to make the same one as baby joel's, but chose a sweeter pattern instead. here's a pic of how the finished work is supposed to look like, taken from sylver's etsy. cute right? hopefully my end product will look just as cute lar! :P

as for my work, i've only just finished the soles of one shoe. i'm such a slow worker! hopefully by the time i finish, baby ah bao can still fit into them!