Friday, October 03, 2008

mamma mia! fever!

*yawn* where has the raya holidays gone to??? *sigh* back to the grindstone...

anyway, still giddy over mama mia! from wed movie outing with some friends! oh, love it love it love it! even tho' abba is not from my generation, but their songs are sorta like my 'childhood songs', coz it's what my parents listened to when i was young, so they're very familiar to me.

and, their songs are so evergreen, they never really go out of style. u can still hear them on the radio, and NOT only in the 'oldies' channels, mind u!

well, actually the story line of this movie is quite simple... some parts are a bit lame... but i really enjoyed the songs, even the bollywood-style dancing! haha... my friends and i were practically singing along to the songs, and i'd have jumped up from my seat to jive along if it weren't for the fact that i was in a cinema full of ppl and also that i'm no dancing queen! ;P

oh, and pierce brosnan is so SO so yummy! i practically swooned when he first appeared on the screen, and was drooling the whole show thru! hehehe... but when he started singing, i went like, "eh?" i think he should just stick to acting and leave the singing to others lar.

all in all, we totally enjoyed the show... ok, "we" as in the 3 gals in our group. the rest of the 8 guys thot it were kinda boring. i think maybe it's because the movie is a chick-flick (is it?) and also, they're all chinese-ed, who did not grow up with these songs.

anyway, i'm definitely gonna catch the musical when they come to kl in dec! having missed broadway's 'beauty & the beast' in june/july, i thot i won't be going for any this year. but woo-hoo! one more musical to my collection, making it a pathetic total of 5 (not including the disney on ice)! hehe...

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