Thursday, March 03, 2005

Disney on Ice - Princess Classics


yay! N got free tickets for this sat!!! she's teaching in a private school and those kids' rich parents have lotsa connections... so one fine day, N was just mentioning that she wished to watch it and immediately one of her students said he/she can get free tickets for her! that particular student said last year, his/her mom got the VIP tickets but slept the whole show thru! what a waste! but this year, he/she only can get the free-seating tix (the cheapest - upper tier). nvm lar, it's FREE!!! so happy... can't wait!

anyway, N got 6 tix, and she asked her sister n sis's bf along, but sis got exam. so N was asking me who else to give the extra tix to... and i remembered my housemate saying she really wished to go, but didn't realize the tix are so expensive. so i asked N y not just give 2 to my housemates lar!