Wednesday, May 14, 2008

mount kinabalu challenge!

guess what?! i signed up for my company's social club's mount kinabalu expedition in oct! sei mou?

even though we're paying for the trip ourselves, the organiser still wants to make sure each of us will be able to reach the top. so every week, we're to attend a training to build up our fitness level and not bring shame to the company. keke... so far, there has been 3 trainings at the batu caves, but due to one reason or another, i was not able to join them until the 3rd training.

well, basically, we're just to climb up and down the stairs at batu caves and keep adding more rounds each week. and i'd say i did pretty well for my 1st training. with 1 up and 1 down trip considered as 1 round, i managed to do 2 rounds! this is not bad at all, u know! other than the organiser, the rest of the gals only did 1 round for their 1st training (the organiser gal did 5 rounds - crazy hor?). i'll try to increase my rounds to 3 this coming weekend... hopefully lar, coz my leg muscles still hurts like hell now!

other than climbing up and down the batu caves, we'll also be going for trekking trips around kl. should be quite fun, and at the same time, it'll be a good chance for me to work out some!