Tuesday, May 06, 2008

where did that come from???

it's amazing how our mind works! i've been discovering how my mind can compose it's own words and gibberish when i'm half asleep at my desk, esp lately, after starting working regular hours again. my current job requires me to wake up very early, so by the end of the day, i'll be a walking zombie! normally i'll be in a state of stupor by 11pm... and if i still have work to do, that's when all those funny compositions and whatnots will appear! when i look back at my work the next morning, a big question mark will form in my head, "har?! where did that come from???"

and yesterday was the funniest instance! i had just managed to struggle thru till the end, hoping to finish off the last bit and e-mail it out before i call it a night. by then i was so dazed that i had to keep stamping my feet and shaking my head to keep myself from dozing off in my chair... then when i was about the shut down the laptop, i thot to myself, "eh? did i e-mail it out ar?" so i opened up my outlook again to check. in my outbox, guess what i saw???

i dunno y or how, or mayb i was already in dreamland, but i actually e-mailed out my work to mon, with the subject title:
"u never study hor? better sit there, at my new place..."

BIG question mark, right?! i immediately went and called mon over to look! needless to say, i was wide awake instantly and rolling about in laughter!