Wednesday, October 03, 2007

too soon, maybe?

now i'm thinking, maybe we bought chewie too soon... at first the our intention is to get a doggie AFTER i move into our new condo. i was very excited to be able to keep a doggie again, coz i really miss my niji dearly. that's y we've been going into every pet shop we see, just to look at their selection of doggies in the window.

but then the bf saw this cocker spaniel (who will later become chewie) with the same birth date as him and then and there he decided he wants her! so i asked him to call one of the housemates to ask if i can keep the doggie in our apartment and the good soul agreed... so we excitedly bought chewie, along with all her accessories and dog food etc and brought her home.

well, luckily i'm working from home, so i can clean up after her and give her lots of play time to help burn off her energy. that way, she won't be so bored in her cage the whole day long. but now i'm having second thoughts. staying with housemates mean the house is not mine (obviously). so i need to keep a constant watch over the little bugger, to make sure she dun chew other ppl's shoe, floor mat etc. and during the night when the housemates are home, i need to make sure she dun run into their room. so i have to multitask: one hand cleaning out her cage, one hand entertain her with her chew toy to distract her. but sometimes she'll just bolt away and make for the rooms! that's when we can hear bloodcurdling screams from the housemates! hehe...

also, having other ppl in the house means they'll sometimes feed her the doggie food i keep handy in a small container nearby for training purposes. not that i'm against anyone feeding her, but incorrect method and indiscriminate feeding will only confuse and disrupt her training.

and now, one of the housemate's mom is here for 2 whole weeks... so i can't let chewie out too often, only long enough for me to clean her cage. so kesian, terperap in the cage for such long hours! but bo-pien... can tell from the housemate's mom's face that she dun quite like it. of course lar, everyday only know how to poo and pee and make noise. and when let loose, she'll go ard sniffing and licking ppl. and i keep her in the dry kitchen area, so it's quite inconvenient for her mom to cook. so of course dun like lar! but how wor? takkan keep her outside on the balcony? she'll get wet when it rains... and takkan keep her outside in the wet kitchen area? she'll keep the whole block awake with her barking... *sigh*

dunno how now... been complaining to the bf abt this. but what can he do also? *double sigh*