Wednesday, September 26, 2007

my new baby!

dear all, meet chewie! she's american mixed english cocker spaniel... only abt 3 months old. and she's the bf's little sister! coz she shares the same birthday as him. but hey, how come i'm the one who has to clean up after her??? but she's so adorable. and so clever too! spent one night here and oredi she knows where i keep her doggie biscuit! and she oredi knows her name, as well as 'sit', just after a few times i taught it to her! and she comes when i say "chewie, come!" but i think that's mainly because i have treats in my hand! next will try to get her to understand 'stand', 'hand-hand', 'down', 'look at me' etc. according to the vet, u can practically bribe a dog to do almost anything! hehe...

all the bf said was: "not even belong to us 24 hrs, oredi spent my RM500+ on doggie stuff and vet check-up!" hehe... siapa suruh it's his sister wor?

and since she's still so young, she poos and pees like 100 times a day! also, she's shedding now... changing her baby coat, i think. i'm so busy!!!

but so happy the housemates let me keep her! i know they dun really like the idea of keeping a dog in the apartment, coz they're smelly and dirty and bite things... but they know how much i yearn for it, so they agreed! cool huh? *happy*