Tuesday, June 26, 2007


ever since i went freelance, i've been doing things at my own time, as and when i like it... going to bed and waking up, eating, bathing, working, checking n replying mails etc. at the oddest hours, it's absolutely glorious! but now, after my doings have been discovered (by those who love to nag!), i'm careful to avoid sending/replying e-mails at abnormal hours (esp to family members).
reply from bro: what were u doing still up at such unearthly hours?! have u any idea what time it was?! 4.30am!!!
yikes! hehe...

anyway, this has made me quite accustomed to sleeping at any time of the day... which is really a bad thing. esp when i'm in the cinema. for the 3rd installment of a trilogy. with the first 2 installments i've yet to watch. that runs for 3 hrs. which the bf has practically dragged me to the cinema for.

can anyone believe i actually fell asleep in the middle of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End? twice??? and an afternoon show at that??? and it's not that it's a boring show. dunno y, somehow i just dozzed off! i'm so ashamed of myself. *hangs head*