Tuesday, July 10, 2007

why i don't update

1) my dial-up's a bitch to connect
2) web pages take a lifetime to load with the said bitch dial-up (and dun get me started on the blogger comments pop-up!)
3) my life's as interesting as a doorknob now
4) working my ass off trying to get as much work done before my cambodia trip this thurs (yay! something is actually happening in my as-interesting-as-doorknob life!)
5) my hours are still in a haywire state. really gotta work out a schedule for myself...
6) lazy to string up words for those 'potential' posts in my head
7) i have a new fad! (ok, promise to blog abt this later, when i'm not so sleepy)
8) rereading the Harry Potter series (yes, again!). at order of the phoenix now, hoping to finish it before i go for the movie and wanna finish the half blood prince before i buy the last book (the title has eluded me for now, brain too blur for want of sleep! just stayed up the whole night working. can't believe i can be such a workaholic!)