Monday, June 18, 2007

overdue gift...

remember this failed tatted piece? well, i finally gotten round to finishing it... it was meant for N for her exam, but her exam ended last monday! hehehe... anyway, she was fascinated with it when i presented it to her on sat. keep asking me how it was done and was amazed when i told her it was done not using a crochet needle, but a UFO kinda thing called shuttle. i met her outside for dinner, so didn't have any of my tatting tools to show her exactly how it was done. but then she moaned that blue is MY fav colour, not hers! her's bright yellow, orange or pink. then i reminded her, "eh, the waist pouch u got me for my birthday is not in my fav colour also mar" - the waist pouch is pink.

here's the finished bookmark... kinda uneven, that's y it's a bit curved. guess i was impatient in finishing it and didn't pull the thread snug enough in the 2nd half.
tat bookmark