Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ipoh wedding/makan trip

ah, look at the view! ipoh is practically surrounded by these mountains! makes waking up early in the morning a pleasure... here, the ji-mui are going for an ipoh breakfast before going over to the bride's place to wait for the groom...

the wedding was a sweet and simple affair... we ji-mui had a great time 'receiving' the groom and his heng-dai, which involved daipers, ribbons, the groom's baton performance, love letter, shoe-hiding and at one point, door-barging on the part of the impatient heng-dai.

and while in ipoh, of course we had to take the opportunity to witness with our own palates all the hoo-ha about ipoh food. gosh, it was absolutely crazy!

white coffee and chee cheong fun for breakfast; iced white coffee, chee cheong fun, egg tarts and yam-kok at the original nam heong kopitiam for 'immediately-after-lunch' snacks; white coffee, iced-lemon tea, iced-lemon (to help digestion), roti dipped in curry, some sort of puff etc at one of those 'Old Town' coffee houses (that seem to be mushrooming up everywhere) for cooling down after our 'immediately-after-lunch' snacks; wedding dinner which is very different from any wedding dinner food we've tasted; taugeh chicken rice at onn kee immediately after the wedding dinner; white coffee (yes, i'm well aware we're over-doing it with the white coffee), dim sum and fried kueh teow the morning after; baked salted chicken to go; back to nam heong to ta-pao some egg tarts and yam-kok back to kl (unfortunately the egg tarts weren't ready), and while ta-pao-ing, had more iced white coffee; duck drumstick mee at bidor on the way back to kl.