Friday, November 24, 2006

on my own

it's funny... i've moved out of the parents house for like what? 8 years? and all these while, i've never been particularly home sick or anything like that. maybe it's because i go home fairly regularly and then there's always the phone. but once the parents are away and not reachable by phone, i'll start missing them!

and it's funny how when something is with you, u don't really use them on normal days. but once it's not with you, u suddenly find urself needing to use it SO badly! argh!

the parents have only been gone for less than a week on a holiday and already i have 101 things to ask/tell/update them! and i can't! coz there's no roaming coverage for their lines. *sheesh!

was making soup yesterday when i ABSOLUTELY need to ask mom something... and got so frustrated that i can't. so my soup would have to do without any advice...

fixed the doorbell a few nights back and wanted to tell dad and make him proud of me... but can't!

met an aunty (not really my own aunt, just one of mom's friends whom all we call 'aunty') the other day and am DYING to tell mom abt our conversation... but of course i can't.

was fixing the toilet cistern on sunday night when i need some advice from dad, but can't!

suddenly i wanna snap pictures of so many things, but can't, coz the camera's with dad.

wanted dad to check on some id numbers, but would have to wait until they come back.


i swear i'll appreciate them more from now on...