Monday, November 06, 2006

simple pleasures...

1) waking up with full knowledge that breakfast is waiting for you in the kitchen downstairs, prepared for you by the people who love you, despite it being nearly noon when you woke up

2) having your tongue burned by a pot of boiling steamboat on a cold rainy day

3) watching k-drama the whole day, with an inexhaustible supply of mamee and cold ribena at your disposal

4) having your wish of eating o-chien (fried oyster) granted after showing only a pout, despite it being 'forbidden food' due to your being unwell

5) finding a much-longed for bag (in the very colour that you want!) in a 'small place' store, after looking for it for ages in the big city and being told repeatly it's been sold out

6) snuggling back into the covers on a rainy morning, knowing that you could get up at any time you choose, or not at all if you should so choose, due to the fact that it's a saturday

7) meeting up with an old old friend, and having a nice and comfortable chat abt everything and nothing at all