Friday, November 17, 2006

alex would never have dreamed...

N: she will go get it from you. but she doesn't know how you look...
me: then how?
N: faster take a pic of urself and mms it to me.

me: sorry can't answer ur call now. in meeting...
N: ok, so what time shall we meet later?

live conversation
N: next week? what day?
me: it's a thursday...
N: i think i have something on... wait, lemme check my phone calendar...

N: i saw a dress that's perfect for u!
me: really? for my friend's wedding dinner?
N: yeah... i can SO see u in it!
me: how does it look like? what colour?
N: wait, lemme send you an mms of it...

live conversation
N: i can't remember the tune... how did it go?
me: i think i have it in my phone... lemme play it for u.

me: i got a new haircut! n i dyed my hair!
N: what colour?
me: wait, i'll send u an mms...

live conversation
N: i swear this word exists!
me: no lar... it's a prefix, but it can't stand alone.
N: nvm, we'll just consult the phone dictionary.

ah, the wonders of technologies!