Tuesday, August 01, 2006

no more kankucho-ing...

been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately... everything seems so meaningless. dunno what this life is for also... it got so overwhelming that it finally overflowed when i was chatting with biow yesterday. funnily, things got better after a good (well, i wouldn't technically say it's 'good', coz can't really bawl my lungs out, but u get the idea) cry in the toilet.

neeways, biow pointed out that we're like 2 kankucho birds. complain complain complain, then resolve to do something abt it. but when the time comes for us to really 'do something', we'll forget abt our resolves, escaping by giving a million n one excuses. the next day, we'll feel miserable again and then start to complain again... it's a vicious cycle!

the story of the kankucho birds was told in the gosho letter to niike. click on the links to find out more... i borrowed the term 'kankucho-ing' from biow, who found it in brenda's blog after asking google for 'kankucho'.

after this realization, we told ourselves we can't keep going on like this. we must take action! we can't short change ourselves, especially when it involves our own happiness! so we'll start by accumulating good fortunes (again), coz all these while, we've been using up our good fortunes saved from last time but have not been depositing new ones... so of course we're running low lar...

and so yesterday, i've embarked on a new journey. will update my victory reports here from time to time!