Thursday, August 03, 2006

i want!

ks: u very tamak ler... everything also u want!
stargal: bwek! :Þ

things i wanna do:
1) re-learn japanese language
as said before here, been wanting to take it up again since leaving uni. took 2 semesters of it in my 2nd year but have forgotten most of what i've learnt.

2) take up korean language
seems like an interesting language...

3) take up photography
would love to capture moments and immortalise it. i believe a good photographer should be able to capture the character and feelings of his/her subjects, be it animate or inanimate. n i wanna do that. too bad the bro refuses/lazy/bz to teach me... :(

4) read more
have not had much time for reading lately... taking so long to go thru a book! *sigh...

5) travel more
see more of the world. for now, would love to do some backpacking...

6) learn sign-language
dunno y... seems interesting...

7) sleep more
been SO deprived of sleep! mostly i get less than 5 hrs of sleep daily (weekdays), so normally by thurs, i'd have turned into a zombie

8) get diving license
fell in love with the underwater world since my out-of-this-world guided diving experience in lang tengah in 2004. but still need to overcome my fear of big dark holes in the seabed and being gobbled up by unidentified underwater giant creatures