Thursday, August 03, 2006

i'm a fainting queen...

N was telling another friend abt all my fainting episodes, and i realized i'm actually a fainting queen!

one of my most 'pai-seh' fainting incident happened when i was in my 2nd year in uni. it was a saturday afternoon and i'd just woken up. one of my housemates asked if i wanna go ta-pao lunch from the nearby kopitiam with her, but i was feeling so lazy and not particularly hungry. so i declined. but at abt 2pm, i felt really hungry. so i decided to go buy lunch from the kopitiam after all...

only the chee-cheong-fun stall was still selling, so i told the uncle that i wanna ta-pao. i was so hungry by then that i felt that i'm gonna faint. so while waiting for my food, i bend down halfway with my hands on my knees to try to get some blood to my head.

and the next thing i knew, i was sitting on a chair with a lot of activities around me, the vegetarian stall aunty rubbing my hands, the kopitiam operator's daughter trying to feed me some warm water with a spoon, the chee-cheong-fun's helper telling me that she's put my RM10 (that i was holding in my hand) into my pocket and voices asking if i'm ok.

gosh, it was so humiliating! since then, everytime i go to that kopitiam to ta-pao, i'd get an earful abt eating my meals on time and also a bigger portion of food! embarrassing!

and i find that the place i tend to faint most frequently is outside the toilet! this has happened at least 3 times! i would wake up and wonder why i'm lying on the floor outside the toilet door. ish... of all places!

hmm... wonder why i'm so prone to fainting... like so drama hor?