Wednesday, August 16, 2006

different, but same also wat...

why is it that when people hear that you're doing part-time freelancing, they'll have this notion that u're loaded? or that u're so mata duitan (money driven - any better equivalent than this?) that one job is not enough, but u'll need to take on a part-time job to get more money?

and why is it that ppl don't take your part-time job seriously? i mean, part-time jobs are always not being given the respect as our regular day job. when u tell someone that u'll need to work late in the office, they'll respect that, and maybe kesian you a bit. u'll be seen as a responsible employee. but when u tell someone that u're so tired because u've been hard at work doing freelance, ppl would ask you, "really need to work so hard meh?", or "earn so much for what?" or "y do u need to do freelance?"?

i don't understand. the 1st reason most of us take on a job is because we need to earn money for a living, right? (note that i used 'most of us', coz i know there are some ppl who works voluntarily or accept minimum wage for causes they believe in). likewise, a part-time job earns us money for a living also wat. so why is it considered a lesser job? just because we don't put on a crisp suit, wear smart shoes and sit in the office?