Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the mediator

sometimes i really suspect the parents and the brother are staying in the same house, but at different times. have you seen 'the lakehouse'? if not, go read the sypnosis here. i'm too lazy to explain it here lar... go on, i'll wait for u. (actually i've not seen the movie, but i kinda know the story lar :Þ)

the reason i said this is because the parents and the bro are always coming to ME for info. i just don't get it. it's as if they don't see each other, even tho' they're staying under the same roof. for example, if there's an impending family trip coming up, the bro would be calling me and asking, "so tomorrow how?" or "what's the plan for our trip next week?" etc. or the mother would be calling me up and asking, "did bro update you on his r/ship?"

hello?!? don't they see each other, like EVERYDAY? why still need to go thru a mediator staying so far away (me)? sometimes, it makes me feel kinda guilty when the mother asked me something and i'll have to say i don't know when i do know. i mean sometimes, some of the things the bro confide in me are quite personal... so takkan i go blab everything out to the mother rite, even tho' the bro didn't say i can't? these kinda confidences come with an unwritten/unspoken rule of silence, rite?


or when the mother 'unload' abt the bro to me. takkan i go blab it all out to the bro geh mar... of course i must filter it and put it into nicer words before i 'feedback' to the bro geh mar, rite?

hmm... i wonder if all mother & son r/ships are like that? or is it just in my family?