Sunday, August 13, 2006


sh*t!!! my clg read my blog!!! argh!

she sms me today:
hi, i'm in klcc. din't plan 2 go ofis so i don't bring my laptop. but i need 2 access sap. can i use ur pc 4 a while? tq.

so what to do? have to give my pc password lar... and when i checked just now, i found that a computer from my company server has viewed my blog a total of 45 pages, in a span of more than 2 hrs!!! shitshitshitshitshitshitshit.....

hence the url change. have always liked the word 'rhapsody', so decided to incorporate it as my latest address.

wonder what secrets she has read. i hope she dun tell anyone of the things i've written, esp my boss!!! argh!!! *pulling hair*

update: hmm... how come after changing the url, i can't seem to access my archive?

update #2: oh, can oredi. forgot to republish the whole blog. hehe...