Thursday, June 01, 2006

weekends fully booked!

1st weekend:
shopping trip to singapore! yippee!!! bless company for being so generous in giving replacement holidays... and bless the agong for having a holiday-birthday! bless m'sia for having agongs! :Þ

2nd weekend:
Perak Charity Cultural Festival in ipoh, a 3-day event. abt 40 of us going, so it's gonna be a crazy n fun-filled trip! took friday n monday off, friday coz it's a performance day, and monday coz we'll be traveling back to kl at midnight after sunday's performance, and as we predict it to be quite a tiring trip, i expect myself to be too beat out to start work on monday. oh, n planning a surprise bday celebration for cc there, which falls on sat.

3rd weekend:
1) company (kl office) bowling tournament. hopefully will have nice prizes and doorgift!
2) N's sister's wedding. being so close to N and always popping over to her house for 'free meals', i can't possibly escape from being enlisted as part of the 'working committe', can i? in fact, at the beginning of this year, when N told her mom that i may not attend the wedding/dinner coz i would need to go for the perak performance (we weren't sure of the performance date yet at that time), she was so disappointed. she even told N to ask me not to go to ipoh! apparently, i'm being entrusted with the 'heavier' tasks, with powers to 'make decisions' when all the family members are too tied-down with other things.

4th weekend:
balik kampung! bro's gonna sign over his old car to me, so gonna take monday off (coz need to sign in front of the officer, hence on a working day). hopefully my manager will approve my leave application, after the 2 days i took for the perak trip. even this 2 days leave, he took so long to approve! *crosses fingers*

1st weekend (july):
pot-luck gathering with ex-clgs. i'm bringing a secret recipe cake (since i can't cook).