Sunday, May 28, 2006

Special Mother's Day


Dear Mummy,

I took my first gulp of air 28 years ago today, after I impatiently demanded to be released from the confines of your warmth into the cold outside. Now 28 years later, here i am, still using up the earth's oxygen and just as impatient and demanding! Haha... :)

For 28 years of love and care, here's wishing you "Happy Special Mother's Day". Thank you for everything.

Your daughter

* don't u think this is a better "Mother's Day" compared to the much-hyped about and commercialized one that falls on every 2nd Sunday of May?
** great, now the whole world knows my age!

anyway, this year's yields:

a birthday card. these things seem to be getting rather scarce nowadays...

a box of assorted Leonidas chocolates... yummers!

more chocs!

a handmade lunch invite to a 'secret place'...
*'secret place' turned out to be jogoya japanese buffet! yummy-licious, i tell u! but now seriously need to diet...

a bunch of roses! (along with a card and a cake, but the cake was devoured b4 we sempat take a pic of it) kebetulan it's also in pink, like the bunch i sent mom!



pink-pig phone holder

music-hearted red erm, thingy.
red thingy