Monday, April 17, 2006

yum-cha with K

(car ride home)

K: *lecture lecture lecture, blar blar blar* if u go on like this, u're gonna drown in debts one day!
me: that's y i'm looking for a sugar-daddy lor... *grin*
K: yeah right, suggar-daddy! always hear u snuffing-out guys... this one boh-ngam lar, that one irritates the hell out of u lar... how to find sugar-daddy lidat?
me: those guys are not sugar-daddy material mar...
K: how u know? maybe they're filthy rich ler?
me: erm... i like them old! hehehe...
K: eiyeerrr... lou nyet nyet, how can old men satisfy u? all shriveled up oredi!
me: nemind, i can get satisfaction from material stuff! *grin*
K: hahaha... and when the value of a present exceeds a certain amount, u'll get multiple orgasms?!
me: *lol* yeah, like when he gets me a porsche,.....
K: *falsetto* ooohhhh, darling! *proceeds to make noises too disgusting for this blog*
me: *rolling about laughing hysterically*