Wednesday, April 12, 2006

hairy affairs...

for someone with the same unchanging hairstyle for the past 4-5 years, my recent 'hair changes' have been quite erm, capricious.

previously, the most drastic change i've ever done to my hair was the 'hair-wrap' thing...

then in dec last year, i thought, "oh how boring! need to have some really drastic change!" so finally gave in to the 'pressure' of having my hair highlighted. been holding off dyeing and highlighting for ever so long, coz:
1) everyone's doing it. how unoriginal!
2) (have the misconception of) it'll spoil our hair
3) i kinda like my naturally light hair colour (can 'action-ly' tell ppl, "no i didn't dye them, it's NATURAL like that" and also if luck holds, "no, i didn't straighten it either, it's NATURALLY straight like that" :P)

neeways, here's my december hair...
these were taken right after i stepped out of the salon, so it looked kinda 'japanese-ish', coz they blow-dry and set it really nice. but after that, with self-washing and my too-lazy-to-be-bothered-with-hairdryer zest, it turned really awful... *sigh...

one problem with having shoulder-length hair is they tend to curl out! that's like one of my mortal hates of all time! so one week later, i've had it with the bottom-curls and went back to the salon in demand of a (free) re-cut.

so my cny hair looked like this...
notice how it only curls out on the right side? honestly, i dunno what's the bloody wrong with my hair! ever since i can remember, my hair is always curling out on the right and curling in on the left side! no amount of combing or blow-drying will ever tame it. urgh... so degil!

then the curls turned from bad to worse! as of yesterday...
look at those curls!!! urgh!

so told myself i've had enough! if they insist on curling and being messy, then let them be messy to their heart's content, i say!

and so...
the previous 3-in-1 pic was taken prior to the latest salon visit and this was after. and after the self-wash and no-blow-dry, i'm quite satisfied with the outcome (for now). so whatcha think?
note to biow: can u see my panda eyes NOW?