Friday, April 21, 2006

darn conscience!

background info:
my company will be releasing a list of items for staff to choose from, as a token of appreciation for past year's 'hard work'. i happen to know a few items in the list, so am deciding on which to choose and the topic came up during chat with 'current loser'.

me: most prob i’ll choose the nano lar
cl: so good one..can choose gift one

cl: trade in better..
cl: few hundred different only
cl: ipod video 30gb only arround 1200
me: shop selling for RM1499
me: for 30gb
me: maybe i choose ps2
me: choose PS2 can get tv sumore! but only 14" lar
cl: then u get the 14" first lo
me: but i oredi got tv in my room
cl: then sell the 14" tv
me: see how lar
cl: i always sell tv at lelong one..
me: see got other choice boh
me: maybe i can bring my old tv back home
me: but my home oredi have a lot of tv liao
me: or maybe i choose microwave
cl: got gift also so headache..
cl: get a palm la
me: palm too expensive
me: not in the list
cl: got cheap palm also
me: palm not in the list
me: value = RM1k
cl: like that ah....diff
cl: cello also > 1000 liao
cl: get a good that some times can blend some juices...
me: dun need blender
cl: emm...
cl: like a very good solution....u get the ipod nano..then trade in for ipod video...ipod video also a gift...from ur b'day present...
me: dun understand
me: ???
cl: get the ipod nano..then i help u to trade in for the ipod video..i will pay the extra
me: no need lar
me: what for u wanna pay for the rest?
me: siao ar?
cl: as ur b'day present..
me: no need lar

*sigh... why, oh why must i have a conscience???