Friday, March 24, 2006

klang music fest - a musical odyssey

some pics from the 4 day music fest (note: dun be puzzled with the different hairstyles n clothes, coz remember, it's 4 days. i just combined everything and arranged it as if chronologically)

warming-up and last minute practices

battle cry... or the 'pangsai yell' from
this post
battle cry

with R (the aforementioned japanese gal in past post), waiting for our turn to perform

with R and J. J's our klang 'baby-sitter' for the whole duration of the music fest

the cello gang

gco players at entrance B, basically the violists, cellists, bassists n brass players (entrance A are violinists n wind players)
entrance B

gco with klang RC (entrance B)

cellists from 2 worlds... with cellists from klang chinese orchestra
2 worlds

when east meets west... gco with klang chinese orchestra

split-toed socks! in a moment of boredom, R took this. obviously, the bigger one's mine!

finale! those hawaii-shirts behind are feiyang (previously known as BBKK)
*aside: notice that patch of handiplast on my hand? that's my 'souvenir' from my futsal game. fell flat down after tripping on the leg of an opponent... so embarrassing! anyway, it's an awfully big gash, and stings like hell too! oh, and i also sprained my knee. sheesh! luckily we won!

**totally unrelated aside: OMG! mom's coming for state-rep meet this weekend. which means she'll see my wound and that means nagging!!!

the 3 leng-luis of bass section! hehehe...
bass gals

everybody squeeze in! finales are always such high affairs...

packing up time. the 3 bass gals again...
bass gals

post-performance supper...
3 musketeers

finally, a family photo to commemorate the event!