Tuesday, March 28, 2006

that round funny furry thing

strange, but whenever i see a kiwifruit, i would always think of my spm days, thanks to dear ole dad. this is becoz just prior to my first paper, dad bought a whole fridgefuls of kiwifruits and bottles of brand's essence of chicken for my daily consumption. no one was allowed to touch them other than me! mom teased that dad seemed more nervous than me, as if i'm sitting for the government official exam (of ancient china).

now, before anyone goes aaawwwww, let me tell you about the sense of dread those darn kiwifruits gave me! the deep guilt in the pits of my stomach for leading my parents to think that i'm ready, when all these while i've been doing nothing but play. the onset of panic when i suddenly realised how near those exams were, how far behind i was in my revisions and how little time i have left to catch up! the kind of feeling when we know that nothing, absolutely NOTHING can be done now, save some devine intervention. and i can't possibly tell dad, "erm dad, you can just return those to the shops, coz it won't do any good. i'm still gonna flop", now can i? so all i could do was just stuff those green black-seeded flesh into my mouth and pray they'll somehow be transformed into some wisdom juice, coz i knew there're no hope for much knowledge to be embedded into my head now. and however sweet those fruits were, i only tasted the bitter dread, as well as my parents' overwhelming hope and their eventual disappointment.

i can't believe after all these years, i still have a weird aftertaste whenever i eat those brown furry fruits. or how the very sight of them would transform me back to those days for a very brief microsecond. it's funny how these things scar u for life...

* in case anyone's wondering, i didn't fare that badly in my spm lar. nothing great, but not life-threateningly bad. maybe those prayers really did helped. and i played even harder in my stpm! luckily no more kiwifruits!
** but how come brand's essence of chicken dun have that kind of effect on me?