Friday, March 17, 2006

unrelated stuff

1) meebo with its latest features is not IE compatible anymore!! arghhhhh!!!! have been out of the scene for nearly 2 weeks now. so frustrating not to be able to connect with my online friends! m so dying to bitch abt the latest loser in my life.

2) i'm so pear-shaped i'm practically a walking upright triangle!! shopping for clothes is a very disheartening affair.

3) y is it i'm only attracting the wrong ones all the time??? a lecturer once said, "we need to meet the losers first to be able to appreciate the right one later on". but i swear i've met my fair share of losers now. more than is fair! so bring on mr. right! i swear i'll appreciate him, really.

4) am beginning to get tired with my job. time to hop? but to where? n what is it that i can do??

5) y must the company friendly match be on a saturday morning??? how m i going to sleep in??

stargal: tmr i have futsal ler... so sien. company having friendly match with the company next door. so boh-pien, need to go. hope i dun get kicked in the shin! *sigh...
t: futsal? great!! mixture of gal/guy in one team? maybe u wil meet the guy next door ler.. mana tahu o! kkekeke...
stargal: not mix lar... u must remember that my company is 99% malay populated. how can mix??? siao ar? kekeke... guy next door? u mean uncles next door! n again, also 99% malay populated. i'm only going for the doorgift and (hopefully) the prizes.

6) i wanna go home!!! have not been home since cny. ok, i know that's not long, but it's my personal longest staying away. *sniff*

7) need to get my wisdom tooth out. not 1, but 2, at the same time! *shudder* now need to plan when i wanna do it.