Friday, October 28, 2005


have not been blogging much lately... feeling pretty down in the dumps. dunno y, been questioning abt a lot of things in my life, its purposes and meanings...

neeways, off to a long weekend back home, tho' would need to come back to work on wed. *sigh...

here's a list of things to look forward to in the short-term:

1) niece's (cousin's daughter, actually. i call cousin 'che-che', so niece calls me 'ah yee') wedding. can't wait to get together with all the cousins for a good round of gossip and fun!

2) housemates coming down for a one day makan trip. so i'm the official guide... guess i'll be bringing them to the usuals... satay celup, ikan bakar, o-chien (fried oyster), cendol and the likes... have the makan part pretty much covered. now just headache abt the time in between makan. where to bring them??? takkan bring them to see the graves in A'Famosa (the old fort, NOT the golf resort). and it's not like it'll be their first time in m'ca. all the places worth seeing, they've seen it.

3) be a lazy babi at home

4) my first orchestra performance as a cellist next week (i swear i'm not ready, but KK insisted)

well, that's abt it. will be driving home after skating lessons tonight... so now just psyching myself up to face the massive jam later. hope i dun arrive after midnight! *shudder*

p/s: is it considered too much to be bringing back 5 pairs of shoes (not including the one wearing on feet) for a 4 day trip back home? well, one pair will be my skates, so that shouldn't count... still, 4 pairs for 4 days! think i better leave them in the car lest be given weird looks by the family! :Þ