Friday, October 21, 2005

a midnight trip down memory lane...

came back from orchestra prac feeling hungry yesterday, so cajoled my housemates into going out for supper with me. was craving for maggi goreng and milo ais... at first they didn't want to, suggesting that i make my own milo ais. but i argued that homemade milo ais is nowhere near the mamak stall's milo ais. so in the end, managed to whet their appetites for a mamak supper!

then came the discussion on where to go. housemates claimed that the mamak stalls at our area are nothing to shout about. and that led to a 'yummy mamak food' discussion, which in turn led to us talking about our 'mamak days' during uni. so in a flash of insanity, we decided to drive all the way to bangi to visit our old mamak haunts!

well, a lot has changed since we left uni. a lot of makan/hangout place has sprung up. but then again, of course it'd have changed! one can't expect a place to remain unchanged after so many (not that many lar... just a few) years, especially a place in the vicinity of a university with loads of young ppl.

it was really nice going back there. brought back a lot of fond memories. for a little while, we could even make believe that we're students again, out for a midnight chow before going back to our dormitry to continue our studies/assignment/group discussions... had a great time reminiscing about the 'good ole days'. *sigh...

but all too soon, reality beckons... and we had to untangle ourselves from the webs of our past to step thru the vortex into the present.