Sunday, November 06, 2005

makan trip @ m'ca

one of the places we 'terserempak' in between our makan was the 'Cheng Ho Culture Museum'. didn't even know such a place existed. it's made up of a few (3, i think) pre-war houses on the street adjacent to jonker street (same row as the first Orang Utan shop). nothing much in there, but was charged a cut-throat RM10 per person! found out one interesting fact, tho': the admiral was actually a eunuch, but has descendants in thailand... now how is that?

puppet show about cheng ho's life and death

cheng ho's junk said to be 17 times (if i remember correctly) bigger than marco polo's ship

some other shots taken from the CHCM

m'ca river... been so long since i last went there. didn't know it became so nice (the river bank, at least)
m'ca river

and finally, the one and only pic of the food we ate! baba cendol... it's all self-service. we were sitting at the table for a full 10 min, wondering when will anyone come to take our orders, when we saw other customers walking into the shop holding trays and bowls of the dessert. dunno what's that shop's name, but it's on jonker street and apparently is very popular, despite the interior of the shop smelling of rat pooh.