Monday, October 17, 2005

introverted sensing feeling perceiving

was inspired by fellow-blogger Spot to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test and one of the things mentioned in the result reminded me of my first year of primary school.

"Organized education is difficult for the majority of ISFPs, and many drop out before finishing secondary education. Their interest can be held better through experiential learning, at which many excel."

i have just started standard 1 and everything was rosy and well. at least that's what i thought... until one day when mrs S suddenly asked to see my father! i was so puzzled... y ar? when dad went to see mrs S, she unloaded all sort of complaints on him - i didn't do my homework lah, i talked in class lah, i didn't pay attention to lessons lah, always daydreaming lah... i was so shocked coz i didn't know i was all that! i mean, mrs S didn't admonish me for those things before this. so of course i didn't know lar... well, dad blew his top when we got home, vowing to pay more attention to my school work from then on.

now thinking back (and after doing that personality test), i realize that i'm just different from other kids. what would have been efficient tutoring for other kids do not apply to me. i know i'm not stupid or anything. heck, i even scored highest in class for maths one semester exam (in std 2, i think), much to the chagrin of the 'smartest' gal in class (and to my own astonishment!).

i guess when i first started proper school, i didn't really understand the concept of the whole thing (despite a somewhat successful year at kindergarten). and i know it's a bit daft to be saying this, but no one really explain to me what i'm supposed to do in class! so most of the time, i'm more preoccupied in 'socialising', talking to the oh-so-many playmates in my class and just dreaming the time away! i must be a really blur kid then! it's really a wonder that i got thru university at all! :Þ

well, things got better after that meeting between mrs S and dad. at least it helped me understand the purpose of that person with the long pembaris kayu rambling at the front! but i realize that all thru my schooling years, i've no much use for those rambling ppl in front. i'm not really the type for classroom learning. even in university, i'd fall asleep in most lectures (unless they're really interesting), but thrived during heated tutorial discussions.

if only they have such personality tests for us all those years ago... then all my 'hidden' potentials would be tapped in a more proper manner and i'd turn out differently? but thank god i didn't drop out of sec school!