Friday, October 14, 2005

during cello lesson...

kk: wow, i'm really impressed! u're a fast learner.
stargal: :Þ no lar. i still can't recognise the name of the notes. so difficult to switch from reading treble clef to bass clef.
kk: yeah, i guess it's a little difficult. but u can still play wat...
stargal: i cheated. i just recognise the fingering for each note.
kk: there's no such thing as cheating in playing music. how i wish all my students are like u.
stargal: *blush*
kk: do u want to go for the abrsm practical exam next year? u can try grade 3.
stargal: har?? erm... i think it's still too early to think abt that now lar. hehe...