Thursday, September 01, 2005

can't sit still

it's confirmed! i can never make a good housewife. i'm too restless to be able to sit at home with only house cleaning, cooking and hongkong/japanese/korean drama series to occupy my time. and i dun even cook!

take my weekends... even tho' i've so much to do on weekends, stuff that i normally won't have time for on weekdays such as sleep, clean room/house, iron clothes, clock in more freelance work etc, still i'm always itching to go out! and then after coming back, i'd realized (only too late) that i've not enough time for my chores and will wallow in self-pity and wish that i have spent more time at home. *sigh...

and i think if i were to work from home, i'd only get lazy. with no official working time, i'd most prob wake up at 12 and sleep at 5am! (*note to self: think of this point when waking up for work everyday, instead of cursing the management for setting the clock-in time so early)

hmm... so guess i'll be stuck in the rat race for the rest of my life. unless of course, i marry a really filthy rich husband. then i won't have to go to work OR stay at home the whole day. i'll be on shopping sprees all over the world! kekeke... *dreaming*

anyway, thinking of taking up music again, coz have been... well, restless. and have always regretted not following thru with the various instruments i've taken up in the past. hmm... what shall i play this time? have always liked the cello............ *thinking*